Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The Board of Directors for the Hutchinson Hills and Willow Point Homeowners Association and its agents (herein collectively referred to as the “Association”) continually make every effort to abide by and maintain the highest standards for privacy and protection of resident information. Information regarding Hutchinson Hills and Willow Point residents, property owners and/or agents (herein collectively referred to as “Residents”) is held in confidence and used only for purposes of administering website access, electronic distribution of community news and to facilitate any other communications related to community business.

Resident’s private and personal information recorded via this website; listings in the Hutchinson Hills and Willow Point Homeowners Association Directory of Residents; or any other recorded data has been obtained either from publicly available records or by express consent from the Residents. Such authorization has been obtained either in the form of written communication or email correspondence. Reasonable care and review of information gathered for the Hutchinson Hills and Willow Point Directory and postings on this website has been undertaken by the Association.

The Association assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or content of the information contained herein. User names with password verification have been established on the website to allow for tracking accesses to these website data and are logged for audit purposes. The Association reserves the right to suspend any user recording comments or content that is considered objectionable by the Association.

Resident privacy is of the utmost concern to the Association. The Association will not sell, publish, or distribute lists of Residents and/or their private information. Information provided by logging onto the website and/or information listed in the directory will be used solely for purposes associated to activities related to the website and authorized sharing of personal information amongst Resident membership.

Any comments or questions regarding the website, its content, or these policies should be directed to:

Hutchinson Hills and Willow Point Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors